Jan 18                     Gates of Derry (Grades Feis)
Jan 25 & 26            Feis Feirste Championships
Feb 1 & 2                Gates of Derry Championships 
Feb 9                       Feile An Tlur (Grades Feis)
Mar 1                      Armagh City (Grades Feis)          
Mar 7 & 8               Tir Chonaill Championships
Mar 14 & 15           Star of the Co Down (Championships only)
Mar 22                    St. Anthony's Grades Feis, Craigavon                     
Mar 28 & 29            Northern Irish Championships
May 3                     Feis Leitir Ceanainn (Grades Feis)
May 9 & 10            St. Patrick's Feis, Downpatrick
May 23 & 24           City of Armagh Championships
May 31                    Maiden City Championships                  
Jun 7                        Feis Cuchulainn Grades Feis
Jun 13 & 14             Dungannon Championships
Sep 13                      Star of the Co. Down Feis (Grades Only)
Sep 19 & 20             Carson Kennedy Feis
Sep 26 & 27             Feis Cuchulainn Championships
Oct 3 & 4                 North West Championships
Oct 4                        Feis Naomh Iosaif (Grades Only)                  
Oct 17 & 18             Dance Masters Memorial Feis
Nov 15                     Feile Rince Na Realtai (Grades Only)
Jun 6                       Feis Cuchulainn Grades Feis
Sep 25 & 26            Feis Cuchulainn Championships  


If you wish to apply to An Comhairle Uladh to host a feis in the Ulster Region, please click here to download feis registration form.

This must be emailed to: 

Please note than an adjudicator who judges a feis in the Ulster region, may not judge any other feis (including class feiseanna and graded examinations) in the Ulster region until 6 months has elapsed.

Click here for general rules regarding feiseanna in the Ulster region.

Please use the link below to view a list of Adjudicators who have judged in the Ulster region over the past 6 months. Please click here.

Transfer Forms

Click here to download transfer form. 

N.B. A transfer form does not need to completed if a dancer has not either attended a class or competed for more than 12 months.


However, transfer forms must be completed for ALL other transfers including a) dancers transferrig from other regions, b) dancers from other organisations and c) dancers from registered teachers who have ceased teaching.

Click here for Transfer & Appeal Procedure

Click here for Sanctions if in Breach of Transfer Procedure

Click here for Six Month Exemption Appeal Form